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Beginnings are awesome. There is nothing like the enthusiasm and energy one feels when starting something new. Whether it is a new job, new school, new diet or new project, beginnings are a time of hope, high expectations and excitement about the possibilities.

If only we could keep that positive energy throughout the whole process, all the way to the fulfillment of the goal, then most goals would be achieved. The trick is to incorporate multiple new beginnings into every ongoing project. If you are at the halfway mark towards a goal, you should take some time to reflect and celebrate what you accomplished. You can do this to some degree at every significant milestone. From there you can get excited about “beginning” the next step.

Think Big
When starting something new it is important to think big. If you are writing a novel, imagine it selling millions and being invited on talk shows to discuss your book. If you are starting a job, imagine yourself drastically improving the company and promoting positive change. Be as unrealistic as you want and imagine the best that can come of it.

Will you succeed to reach these lofty goals? Who knows? But it is just as likely that you will succeed beyond what you expected as it is that you will fail completely. Most likely, your level of achievement will fall somewhere in between. It is best to reach so high that even when you fail to meet those stretch goals you will still have succeeded a great deal more than if you have set boring, realistic goals.

Getting Started
The problem is that beginnings are fun and easy but actually getting started is hard. Once you have a rough idea about what you want to accomplish and set your goal, actually doing something towards meeting that goal is scary stuff. The key is to just get started. It doesn’t matter how small or trivial the next step is, you need to grit your teeth, shut out your inner critic and just get it done. Don’t delay. Don’t put it off while you wait for inspiration, just do it. Do something, anything related to your goal.

If you wait for inspiration you will find that it is self doubt that pays the first visit. Don’t give it a chance. Get going and do the next step. If you are planning on getting fit, you might start with walking. Don’t wait to be fit to start getting fit. You have to start at the beginning and work your way from there.

Don’t Worry
You may start thinking about the things that could go wrong or about all the reasons why you won’t be able to accomplish your goal. I say you shouldn’t try jumping hurdles until you get to them. A lot can happen between the start of a project and its completion. The obstacles you imagine now may not be as big as they seem when you get to them or they might not be there at all.

To New Beginnings
It is amazing what can be achieved when one is fully committed to accomplishing a goal. Hopefully, I’ve helped inspire you to take the first step.

Written by Tim ThinkAuthor

April 27, 2011 at 4:53 pm

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