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Aspects of a Successful Life

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How to improve the quality of your life?

We all desire a happier and more rewarding life. In that we often strive to improve specific details of our lives – get a better job, own a bigger home, spend more time with our friends and family, get in better shape, and so on. While it is important to work on these focused goals, it is important to take a step back and look at our lives as a whole and determine if our individual goals contribute to our long-term happiness. It is easy to assume that a goal such as striving to get a better paying job is something we want, but we may find that we are just following a pre-programmed path set by the expectations and influence of others or even the media. It would be a tragedy to struggle for years to achieve a goal only to find that is detracts from you happiness instead of contributing to it.

Big goals and small tasks

Once you take a step back and consider what you want to achieve in life, the complexity of the problem can be daunting. When faced with a large goal the best thing to do is attempt to break it down into smaller more manageable goals. You may need to establish another levels of goals below these as well if they are still too daunting. Once you have a list of goals, you will need to determine that actionable tasks you need to achieve those goals. Even then if there are tasks that appear too big to tackle, you can break those tasks down into smaller sub-tasks. There is no limitation on how small the tasks should be. They need to be small enough so that you feel that you can easily accomplish them. This is just a high level overview on the process of goal setting and tasks. We will expand upon the topic of goal setting in a future article.

Mind, Body and Spirit

The first step that I take when editing my life goals, is to consider the three main aspects of my being that I want to improve which are mind, body and spirit. While the more pragmatic may feel that this is little too “new-agey”, I want to assure you that I will strive for practical advice based on both quantitative and qualitative research as well as my own personal experience. The word “spirit” has religious connotations, but in this context this word encompasses the topics of passion, drive, motivation and purpose. The concepts of mind, body and spirit are very useful when setting goals. In practice, however,  most goals will address more than one of those. Though exercise is often considered a way to improve the body, it also improves the mind and spirit as well.

Maintain skepticism

Most of the advice I will provide on this site will be based on work done by others. For years, I have researched the fields of self-improvement, productivity, business and anything else that would help provide the answers I had been looking for. I will continue to research in my endless mission to improve my life and the lives of others. In those years my life has had many challenges and I attempted to apply what I’ve learned to those challenges. I’ve achieved great things as a result. I’ve also found that some of what I’ve learned was faulty or incomplete. I don’t begrudge those who shared that faulty information as I believe most offer the best that they know and it was up to me to find my own answers.

I will do my best to share what I’ve learned but it is important that you remain skeptical to my advice or the advice of anyone else. You have to find what works best for you, but to do that you need to consider what others have to share. If you figure out a better way of doing things, I ask that you share that with others.

Nobody has all the answers. We often see experts publish a book one year only to produce an expanded edition some time later. Were they holding out on us? I don’t think so. The publish a new edition because they’ve gained more knowledge, more insights and have had more time to apply their ideas in the real world. I’m sure they also get feedback from others about how their advice didn’t work as they expected and that they needed to make changes to meet their personal circumstances.

It’s up to you

Not only do I not have all the answers, I still have many more questions of my own to figure out. Still, I am absolutely certain that if you try some of the ideas I will share with you, you will learn ways to improve your life. When you do experience success, it won’t be because of anything I’ve shared, but rather due to your own efforts to apply what you’ve learned.

Written by Tim ThinkAuthor

January 8, 2012 at 11:23 am

6 Responses

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  1. Looking forward to reading more of your articles. I have always through of the mind, body, spirit has our personal trinity.

    John Northcutt Young

    January 8, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    • It is going to be a challenge, but if I accomplish a fraction of what I have set out to do it will be worth it.

      Tim Thinkauthor

      January 8, 2012 at 12:47 pm

  2. Tim, I like that you are promoting balance. It is difficult to truly achieve success in only one aspect of your life. We all need to take a more holistic approach. I break down the different aspects of my life and try to determine a goal or two that will satisfy that particular area. I then look to see if I can intertwine those goals with other areas of my life. It is difficult to achieve true success in your professional career if your home life is a wreck. If you focus on only one area of your life at a time, your “success” will always come with unintended costs. Good post!

    Manage Better Now

    January 9, 2012 at 4:27 pm

  3. It would be a tragedy to struggle for years to achieve a goal only to find that is detracts from your happiness instead of contributing to it. —

    So true Tim. I am sure that this applies to many. I agree too with the concept of the onus being upon oneself to ‘think’ things through with an objective viewpoint which allows for healthy scepticism. After all; it is ourselves who are ultimately responsible for our choices in life. Were we to ‘give this away’ to someone not living our unique life we would be missing the opportunity to develop, make our mistakes, mature, expand our thinking, etc.

    Well done. I know that this subject is as broad as it is wide. I’ll be reading and catching up as frequently as ‘time’ permits….. Cheers…. 😉


    January 9, 2012 at 9:38 pm

  4. […] the article, Aspects of a Successful Life, I discussed the three aspects of life – mind, body and spirit. The purpose of this site is […]

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