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One of the downsides to increasing your productivity is that you tend to take on more work. You become one of those “Go To” people who can be counted on to get things done. There is an urge to take it all on and show others you have what it takes. Resist that urge and only take on the amount of work you can reasonable manage.

Just recently I’ve managed to get a number of projects off the ground at the same time. These were sitting in limbo over the holidays due to lack of funding and available people. Now they have all been given the green light and are under way. The problem is that I’m involved in all of them so now I find my time stretched thin. I hadn’t planned on having them all going at the same time, but I’m now a victim of my own success.

In past years, what I would do is push a few ideas forward knowing that it would be unlikely all of them would pan out. There is so much stalling and red tape in a big corporation, so you need to get things promoted early and keep pushing until they get the right amount of approvals. I’ve since had some projects that went extremely well, so now when I propose a solution it moves forward.

It’s a given that I have more work than I can reasonably handle. The only solution is to delegate and hand off what I can to others – something I have been historically uncomfortable doing. You know the old saying, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”. I don’t believe that but I do believe if you want something to go according to your vision, you have to do it yourself.

Once you hand off work to someone else, their vision of what it should be starts to alter the end result. That is as it should be and woe to the person who tries to force his exact vision on other people. Others may follow the basic idea but they are bound to put their own take on it. If you don’t allow for others to add their own ideas, you will end up with a disengaged worker bee, not a collaborative creator.

So I have to accept that I need to share the vision of the project with others and work with them to produce excellent results. Still, there is something in me that mourns the loss of control.

Written by Tim ThinkAuthor

January 17, 2012 at 7:46 pm

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