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One of the tools I’ve used to maintain my weight successfully is an online calorie tracker called myfitnesspal. This site helps you manage your weight by tracking the calories you consume and the calories you burn. It will recommend a daily calorie target to help you reach your goal weight. I’ve done it and when I can accurately enter my calories, my weight changes at the predicted amount when tracking for a significant period of time. There’s no mystery or secret here to weight loss, just simple physics.

The difficult part is in getting used to tracking your calories. The site has a number of tools to help. There is a community forum where you can communicate with other members. I’ve made a few friends and we give each other the motivational support we need to reach our goal weight.

I suggest you start out slow and just get into the habit of tracking your calories without trying to change your weight. If weight loss if your goal you may find that simply tracking your calories is enough to lose weight early on. There’s some kind of psychological trickery going on here but it works. When you know you need to log your calories you will think twice about the food you eat, it’s simply human nature to do better when you are holding yourself accountable.

Not only is this site helpful, it is also fun. I got a kick out of tweaking my calories to lose a pound or two. When it comes off, a single pound feels like an accomplishment.

The site also graphs your progress over time so you don’t get discouraged by natural fluctuations in weight throughout the week. You can check the graph and know that, on average, you are on track.

Don’t expect any kind of quick fix here. If your goal is to lose more than 5 or 10 pounds, you can expect this to take a few weeks. The site recommends losing only about a pound a week so someone looking to lose 50 pounds will need to have perseverance. Personally, I think losing more than a pound a week is acceptable if you are heavier but the site is more geared to helping you achieve long term lifestyle changes rather than rapid weight-loss and that is worthy guidance.

Even if you are at your optimum weight and have no weight loss goals, it is still worth tracking your calories on this site. Knowing your calories consumption is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. If you are not eating right it could lead to other issues besides weight gain such as fatigue and mood disorders. Some of the members I’ve met are extremely athletic with no weight issues but they track their calories to stay at peak condition.

The site also offers free mobile versions on both Android and iPhone/iPad. I would use the Android app for regular tracking and only go to the site to socialize or track my long term progress.

I am not affiliated with myfitnesspal, nor do I receive any type of kickback for promoting the site. It is just a site that I use to help meet my physical goals and maintain my weight. If it wasn’t the best that I found, I would be promoting some other site. If you know of a better site for tracking calories and staying in shape, please let me know.



Written by Tim ThinkAuthor

February 14, 2012 at 5:22 pm

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  1. Thanks for the tip, I will take any help I can get.

    Manage Better Now

    February 14, 2012 at 5:36 pm

  2. Tim, this is the system that I’ve used forever… it seems. I know that there a lot of varying beliefs about how to remain slim however, knowing the calories within the foods that I eat certainly has helped me to maintain a ‘good weight’ for me by being able to make knowledgeable choices. Over Christmas though, and for the first time ever, I allowed myself a few helpings of ‘high calorie’ foods and am now ‘slowly’ cutting back the calories, exercising a little more than usual and in general ‘aware’ of the need to ‘get back’ to my ‘perfect’ weight. This is going to take about another month however, I’m not panicking (well, maybe a smidgeon). (Needless to say; I won’t be doing that again…!)
    By the way; it seemed to take ‘years’ to learn/remember/understand the calorie needs/nutritional needs, etc., that my body needed, so a site that helps in this process can only be a valuable tool. Great post… 😉


    February 14, 2012 at 5:44 pm

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