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Obesity Is a Crisis We Must Resolve

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In 2010, in Chile, a cave collapsed and trapped 33 miners. Nations reacted and did what was needed to rescue them. Over 1 billion people watched on live TV as the miners were rescued. A third of the expense was paid for by private donations. The outpouring of support from people across the world was inspiring.

Today, right now, over 200 million people worldwide are obese. This amount of suffering is incalculable but the public outcry is minimal and the effort to address is a pitiful, disorganized and poorly funded mess. In the United States, we have the first lady going on talk shows and making speeches. While I applaud her efforts, it is not enough. A crisis of this scale should be handled by the President directly and other world leaders as well.

In the private sector, many are getting rich exploiting the obesity crisis. With the amount of money being made in the health and fitness industry you would think obesity would be rare. The truth is that people are spending their money on products and services but are not getting results.

Some time ago, I decided to do my part in helping to combat obesity. When my wife and I were dealing with our own obesity issues, we realized that the problem is much more complicated than what we could address using just our willpower. We had to tackle the problem from multiple angles. We learned that to beat obesity, we had to drastically change our lives. The amount of effort was beyond anything we had ever done before but it was well worth it.

One thing we learned was that the solution was not a single product or service from the health and fitness industry. While we do use products and services from the industry, we hold onto our skepticism and trust only our own efforts.

While I try to give sensible advice based on proven results, I am just a small voice in a crowd of people promising “Fast six pack abs” or “10 Super Foods to Turbo-charge Your Fat Loss”. I get that people need to make money and sell what sells, but I believe they are missing out on offering something truly valuable to those looking for help.

The most influential brands in the health and fitness industry, are truly in the entertainment business. They product or service they offer is just fantasy. People purchase what they sell because they believe they can have the type of body or lifestyle they see in the advertisements. I know this because I’ve bought many products based on the fantasy being presented. It wasn’t until I faced the ugly truth about the effort and change required that I lost the weight and got fit.

I am asking anyone in the health and fitness industry to think beyond just profit and do more to help those who need it. Go ahead and publish your quick-fix articles and sell your “fat-burning” supplements, but also contribute a small amount of your time and energy to really trying to help fight obesity. Use the platform you have to make a real difference. Ask yourself, “What can I do to truly help fight worldwide obesity?”


Written by Tim ThinkAuthor

June 20, 2014 at 8:56 am

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