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It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything new but there were good reasons. I’ve been doing a great deal of research and analysis about what it would take to achieve a higher level of self improvement.

There are several great resources that can help a person improve their lives and increase their happiness but there doesn’t appear to be a single source that brings it all together.

There are resources that focus on physical fitness and other resources that focus on mental fitness but I have yet to find a single resource that successfully integrates both development paths.

The mind and body are not independent systems. They are integrated and developing one system often requires that you develop the other. You can’t expect to lose weight and keep it off if there is no improvement in your mindset. On the flip side your mood can be improved by doing regular physical exercise.

To improve your physical fitness you must perform physical exercise and eat clean. To improve your mental fitness you must perform mental exercises and think positively. In future posts I would like to share ideas on how to develop both your body and mind.

The methods to develop your body are relatively simple to learn – it is the implementation that takes extraordinary discipline. It is the same for the mind. The methods are simple and easy to learn but you the level of commitment required can be difficult to maintain.

In future posts I plan to share what I’ve learned. Skeptics are welcome. I will provide links to resources that you can refer to.

No matter where you are in your life, it is important to know that you never stop growing. There are those who had lost all hope  that have changed how they think to live happy and rewarding lives. Even if you think you are relatively content, you can always improve your mental state. You will never reach a state of perfect mind and body perfection. It is the process that will be the most rewarding not the achievement of some impossible end state.

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July 30, 2014 at 10:52 pm

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