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We Were Designed To Be Physical Beings

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Whether it was evolution or intelligent design, we were designed to meet the physical challenges of the natural world. The environment would push us to grow strong and be able to endure harsh conditions.

In the name of progress, we’ve become removed from the natural conditions that help shape us. The artificial environment we’ve created that compels us to avoid physical activity and exertion is incompatible with our design. As a result we all are at risk of poor health and unhappiness.

In the same way we created an artificial environment, we’ve also created treatments to keep us alive and functioning. Heart disease is no longer a definite death sentence. Diabetes is now treated so the afflicted can continue to live even though they must endure are difficult at best.

Most of the population is unaware that modern living conditions have such a disastrous effect on us as individuals and as a society. They may consider their sedentary desk jobs preferable to physically demanding work. They are unaware that they have a need for physical challenges. They may sense that something is missing from their lives but without knowing what that is, they may seek comfort from drugs or alcohol. At best, they may come to depend on the mind-numbing practice of watching TV – who can blame them.

Some find an effective way to simulate the conditions that we humans thrive in. They pursue activities such as weight training, running, biking or do something with a more direct link to the natural environment like mountain climbing, surfing or skiing. Whatever it is, they’ve figured out that they need physical challenges to be the type of being they were meant to be.

I’ve lived both the sedentary lifestyle and the physically challenging lifestyle and it became obvious to me that the life of comfort and ease is a cage that we must avoid. Down that road lies stress, unhappiness and an endless yearning for something more out of life.

While some of us have found a way to work around the conditions we live in, it’s not easy. Our work places and schools are not designed to allow for physical activity. Yesterday as I went for a walk about the building where I work, I had to cut across lawns, walk on the street and avoid traffic. The designers of the building obviously intended employees to only walk from the car to the cubical. It would have been simple for them to add a path around the building but I imagine it didn’t even cross their minds.

We can do better. Individuals can choose to seek out physical challenges, but those that do are the lucky ones who were somehow guided down that path. Most people will not be that fortunate. Society has many labels for people who seek physical fitness : runners, weight lifters, fitness nuts, gym rat, surfer and so on. For myself, I’ve heard the term fitness nut applied to me. I’m not a “fitness nut”, I’m a human being doing what a human being is meant to do.

Written by Tim ThinkAuthor

April 3, 2014 at 11:52 am