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Ido Portal Tells Us To Move

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I just watched the YouTube video below where Ido Portal, a man I’ve never heard of before, talks about our need to move. Beyond this video, I know nothing about Ido Portal but I found what he says in this video inspiring and thought provoking. He makes me wonder if my ideas about fitness are too limiting. Don’t get me wrong – I know what I do is great for staying in shape but there’s a mental aspect of fitness that needs to be explored as well.

I believe being in great shape is just a side effect of letting ourselves explore the physical limits of our bodies. Nobody is going to stick with a fitness routine if they don’t find something deep and meaningful in the movements they perform. As punishing as weight training can be, there’s something beautiful and fulfilling in using the full extent of our muscles to perform a basic movement. If we don’t explore and try to appreciate that beauty, the path to fitness can become too arduous to stay on for too long.


Fitness is a small, small, small world within the universe of movement

– Ido Portal

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April 28, 2014 at 4:42 pm

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