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Planet Fitness Ads Are Funny But Misguided

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Planet Fitness has a number of commercials that poke fun at people who (they think) take fitness too seriously. They claim that Planet Fitness is a “Judgement Free Zone” but how can that be true if they discourage certain behaviors. They label people who act in certain ways as “lunks”. No judgement? Seriously?

One commercial  shows attractive looking women in a locker room saying how hot they look while an average looking women looks on in disgust. Sure the “hot” women sound vapid and shallow, but they are not doing anything to the ordinary looking woman so what’s her problem? Is she offended by attractive women because she’s unattractive? Didn’t she join a gym so she could eventually look like the women she despises?

Most of their commercials are making fun of fit people doing what fit people do. They will grunt when lifting weights. They will pose in front of the mirror. They will compliment their fitness friends on their appearance. They will lift things up and put them down. They will push each other to do more and push harder.

Most “lunks” I have known are the nicest people who would sooner help someone starting out than make fun of them. They may go to extremes that can be intimidating to your average couch potato but if you want to get in great shape you have to hang around people in great shape. Rather than be intimidated by their muscles and lean stomach, be inspired.

I’m in pretty good shape but I see others that are at a higher level of fitness. I may never get to their level, but it gives me something to shoot  for. Rather than hating them, I admire them.

I’m sure Planet Fitness is a good gym that caters to regular people. There may some truth to their commercials as some extreme fitness freaks can be oblivious or uncaring about how their behavior appears to other people. One lunk behavior that I’ve always hated is the act of dropping weights on the floor loudly. Unless, you’ve reserved the gym for your own use, dropping weights on the floor is dangerous and disruptive to others.

The video below shows a fitness trainer screaming at a woman. I don’t know about her, but I would love to have this guy pushing during my workouts.

Written by Tim ThinkAuthor

March 21, 2014 at 8:17 pm