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Snow is Nature’s Workout

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Here in Northern Massachusetts, we just got another 10 inches of snow. I spent the better part of the day shoveling the driveway, walkways and steps. With all the snow we’ve been getting the snowbanks are 5 feet high so I had to lift and throw the snow over them.

Years ago, I would have been totally exhausted and sore all over. Now I feel like I still have energy to burn. Shoveling that much snow was a tough workout but thanks to my regular fitness routine I handled it easily.

Life will push you to your limits so its best to become familiar with that territory. If you routinely push yourself, when life hits you hard its not as disruptive – it’s business as usual.

I can only imagine what my neighbors must think. After spending several hours shoveling, I still managed to play for an hour in the snow with my kid.

On my street, I have the only driveway that is down to pavement. It appears everyone else did the bare minimum needed to get their cars out.

Sometimes I feel like a stranger in a strange land surrounded by people who avoid physical exertion at all cost. The path to a better life is so obvious but so few walk that path.

Working out and avoiding unhealthy foods can be painful but not nearly as painful as living a life of quiet desperation.

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February 18, 2014 at 10:10 pm

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